□Mike Baker
Area Scouting Supervisor Atlanta Braves Baseball Club
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Professional Baseball Scout for the Atlanta Braves Baseball Team
社長の無線を介した友人であるMike Baker(マイク・ベイカー,KA6SAR)の仕事は、米国メジャーリーグ "アトランタ ブレーブス" の公式スカウトマンです。
Atlanta Braves
Major League Baseball Club

Mike Baker
Area Scouting Supervisor





My name is Mike Baker, KA6SAR.

We have worked many times in contests over the years. I usually operate SOAB from W6UE or W6EEN.

I work as a Professional Baseball Scout for the Atlanta Braves Baseball Team, and I'm trying to make as many contacts around the world as possible with my Ham Radio Contest Friends, in the hopes of finding baseball players who might someday be good enough to play professional baseball in the USA.

I am mostly interested in players ages 15 - 25. The process for signing International Baseball Players is fairly simple. Once we have interest in signing an International Player to a contract, we then settle on a contract agreement with the player and his family. We then handle all the arrangements for his working Visa. The player will be brought to the US for the baseball season, where he will be housed at our secure facility. In most cases, the players education will be taken care of by the Atlanta Braves.

The reason I'm writing you, is that I was wondering if you know of any Hams or Non-Hams who might have information about youth baseball in your country, that might be able to lead me in the right direction to finding the best players and athletes in your country.

Any information you can give me would be a big help.
Thanks for your time, and I hope to work you in the next CW/SSB contest.73 and good DX Mike Baker - KA6SAR

Mike Baker
Area Scouting Supervisor
Atlanta Braves Baseball Club

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